The NIRB Comments on Hearings


On December 19, 2014, the NIRB’s Executive Director, Ryan Barry, made the following comment on the hearings: “The NIRB thanks Sabina and all parties for the cooperative and open dialogue to date which has allowed the NIRB’s Review process to unfold in an efficient and effective manner. The [NIRB] Board looks forward to receiving Sabina’s Final EIS submission and proceeding through the remaining steps of the Review process for the Back River Project.”


Through collaboration and productive discussion with Intervenors on subjects such as caribou, marine/shipping, socio economic effects, tailing storage, among others, Sabina made commitments to incorporate further data, reasonable mitigation measures, and preferred processes into the Project and its Final EIS. A summary of the NIRB’s Pre-Hearing Conference Decision document can be found on the NIRB’s FTP website at


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