Back River Project

About the Project

The Back River Project is a planned gold mine in the western Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut.


The project is currently in the advanced exploration and permitting stage. Operations are expected to begin in 2019. A Project Description was submitted to the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) in July 2012. This started the formal environmental assessment and permitting process.


We released a favourable Back River Project Feasibility Study (PFS) in May 2015 and submitted the Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS) to the NIRB in January 2014. The NIRB determined our Draft EIS complies with the their guidelines and requirements in February 2014. Sabina completed the NIRB’s Technical Meeting and Pre-Hearing Conference in November 2014. We intend to submit our Final EIS Q3 2015.


The project includes the development of:

The Goose Property, the George Property, a Marine Laydown Area in southern Bathurst Inlet, and winter roads connecting the three sites.

The Goose Property consists of the Goose Main, Llama, and Umwelt mineral deposits.

The George Property (located approximately 60 km to the northwest of Goose) consists of the Locale 1, LCP North, and Locale 2 mineral deposits.

Based on current resources, the Project has an estimated 10 year operating mine life. With the addition of new deposits the Project mine life may be extended.

Ore will be mined and trucked using conventional open pit and underground methods.

We’ll employ standard gravity and leach recovery processes at a mill located at the Goose Property.

Tailings from the mill will be deposited in a tailings impound area in proximity to the mill.

The current plan accounts for an average production of 300,000 ounces of gold annually.

We may exclude the George Property from the Final EIS.